Conservationists Aim To Save South America’s Super Tiny Wild Cat, The Guina

"The Americas’ smallest wild cat, the guina (Leopardus guigna), is superbly adapted to its home range in Chile and Argentina. But the region is severely affected by deforestation and increasing human population, putting the cat’s future at risk.

The increase in people in the guina’s habitat has particularly severe consequences, including roads, fences, fires, cattle and, especially, attacks by dogs. The cats are also hunted by people due to their reputation as chicken killers.

Conservation experts and authorities agree that solutions to save the guina must include local people. They have turned their attention to the people living outside protected areas to help conserve one of South America’s most endangered cats.

New, groundbreaking environmental legislation in Chile hopefully will also help the cause of the guina and other species impacted by deforestation."

Petro Kotzé reports for Mongabay on January 22, 2024.

Source: Mongabay, 01/24/2024