"The Conversation: Pink Inc. Has Many Starting To See Red"

"All this month [October], the market has been saturated with pink-ribbon products sold in the name of breast cancer awareness, some with dubious ties to good health. How about some pink-certified wine? Or how about a Smith & Wesson handgun with a pink grip and engraved ribbon insignia?

Billions of dollars are raised each year to fight this deadly form of cancer, but many patient advocates and past supporters fear the crusade has been hijacked by Madison Avenue. Companies selling products that contribute to obesity, a risk factor for cancer, are cashing in on the pink craze. Consumer activists point to more corporate sponsorships, branding partnerships, fundraising events and a greater number of nonprofits oriented to breast cancer, some of whom contribute little or nothing to research."

Francesca Lyman reports for the Sacramento Bee October 27, 2011.

Response by Nancy G. Brinker


Source: Sacramento Bee, 11/03/2011