Dangerous Lead Levels Found in Nearly 2/3 of New Orleans Homes: Tulane

"A new study says nearly two-thirds of New Orleans homes and yards have “dangerous” levels of lead, according to federal standards, a finding the authors believe may be linked to the extensive renovation and demolition of homes after Hurricane Katrina."

"And unlike past studies of lead exposure in New Orleans -- which found that children most at risk of elevated blood lead levels were African-American, from low-income families, and living in rental housing -- the new study found the high levels are not linked to race or income.

The study was done by researchers from the Tulane School of Public Health.

The age of a home is the most relevant factor in whether lead levels on the property are too high, the study found. Most of the houses surveyed were built before 1946. Lead-based paint was not banned until 1978."

Mark Schleifstein reports for the New Orleans Times-Picayune November 14, 2011.

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 11/15/2011