Derailed Train In DC Leaks Hazardous Chemical, Disrupts Rail Service

"A CSX freight train derailed in northeastern Washington [DC] on Sunday, spilling hazardous material near a subway station and disrupting commuter rail and long-distance Amtrak passenger trains but causing no injuries, authorities said.

Thirteen rail cars were strewn across the tracks at the derailment site in the early morning incident, District of Columbia Fire Department photos showed.

A ruptured tank car likely leaked several hundred gallons of sodium hydroxide, a caustic substance used to produce household products including paper and detergent, before the leak was plugged, Deputy Fire Chief John Donnelly told a news conference."

David Lawder reports for Reuters May 1, 2016.


"CSX Train Derails In Northeast Washington, Leaking Hazardous Chemicals And Disrupting Travel" (Washington Post)

Source: Reuters, 05/02/2016