Detroit Communities Struggle With Flooding After Torrential Rain

"Metro Detroit communities were struggling to cope with massive flooding, backed-up sewers, closed roads and stranded motorists following a storm that dumped nearly 5 inches of rain over several hours Monday afternoon and evening.

The storm contributed to at least one death when a woman motorist suffered a cardiac arrest after her car became stranded amid the flooding, officials said.

“We are absolutely overwhelmed,” Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said Monday night. “We’ve got police, fire, sanitation, DPW, waste treatment — anybody who wants to work overtime, can. We’re working round the clock. This is probably a 200-year rain. I’ve never seen anything like this.”"

Bill Lainter and Katrease Stafford report for the Detroit Free Press August 12, 2014.

Source: Detroit Free Press, 08/13/2014