"Dow Leak Went Undetected for Nearly 2 Weeks"

"CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A leak of more than 3,500 pounds of toxic ammonia gas from the Dow Chemical Co. facility in Institute went undetected for nearly two weeks, company officials disclosed Wednesday.

An average of 270 pounds of ammonia leaked every day between Feb. 4 and Feb. 16, according to a Kanawha County Metro 911 Center summary of a phone call from Freddie Sizemore, a Dow employee who reported the incident to local authorities.

It is not clear when Dow officials first discovered the leak, but the Metro 911 report indicates it was not fixed until sometime on Wednesday. Dow reported the incident to Metro 911 shortly before 2 p.m. Wednesday."

Ken Ward Jr. reports for the Charleston Gazette February 17, 2010.

Source: Charleston Gazette, 02/19/2010