"Dreaded, Costly Emerald Ash Borer Has Arrived in the Philly Region"

"A small, glitter-green insect that has killed more than 50 million ash trees in the Midwest and beyond has arrived in the Philadelphia region."

"Officials had both dreaded and expected it -- just not this soon.

On Wednesday, its presence was confirmed in an ash tree at a condominium neighborhood in Warrington, Bucks County. When officials looked at the surrounding forest, they realized maybe 20 ashes were under attack.

'This is pretty much going to hammer ash trees in Southeastern Pennsylvania almost into oblivion,' said Scott Guiser, an educator at Pennsylvania State University's extension service in Bucks "

Sandy Bauers reports for the Philadelphia Inquirer March 18, 2012.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/19/2012