"Drilling Boom Sparks Rise in Water Testing"

"Bryan and Kathleen Borres worried that Marcellus shale drilling near their Murrysville home might affect their well water. During the summer, the couple had a baseline test done. The results surprised them — the water they had been drinking from the well, drilled in 2005, contained coliform and E. coli bacteria."

"'Our biggest mistake is we should have been testing it annually, which we will do from now on,' Bryan Borres said.

They are among a growing number of Pennsylvanians motivated by the growth of Marcellus shale drilling to test their well water.

In fact, gas drilling concerns could lead to the state's first regulation of private water well construction.

In Pennsylvania, more than 3.5 million people — about 28 percent of the population — get water from more than 1 million wells. About 20,000 new wells are drilled each year."

Jennifer Reeger reports for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review October 2, 2011.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/03/2011