"Drought’s Toll on Texas’ Urban Forest: Up To 5.6 Million Trees"

"About 5.6 million trees in cities and towns across Texas were killed by last year’s record-setting drought, the Texas Forest Service has estimated after studying before-and-after satellite imagery."

"This 'dramatic' toll on the state’s urban forest is “a slow-moving disaster, not like a hurricane or ice storm,” lead researcher Pete Smith of the Forest Service told Texas Climate News.

In an announcement of the findings of the study, which was conducted last month, Smith said the estimated number of trees claimed by the drought is only preliminary, because others continue to fall prey to its effects."

Bill Dawson reports for Texas Climate News February 16, 2012.


"Texas Drought of 2011 Killed Millions of Urban Trees" (ENS)

Source: Texas Climate News, 02/21/2012