"As Ebola Surges, CDC Sends Aid And Warns Against Travel"

"For the second time this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has raised the travel alert for three West African countries, as the death toll in the Ebola outbreak increased at an alarming rate.

'The bottom line is that the multiple outbreaks in West Africa are worsening right now,' CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden told NPR on Thursday. 'This is the biggest, most complex and the most difficult outbreak of Ebola that we've had to deal with.'  

In only four days, the total number of cases has risen by 122, or about 10 percent. Since March, the World Health Organization has reported more than 1,300 cases and 728 deaths in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Nigeria has reported one case in a traveler from Liberia."

Linda Poon reports for NPR July 31, 2014.


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Source: NPR, 08/01/2014