"EPA Clears Enbridge in Major Clean Up, But Is the Oil Gone?"

"MARSHALL — John Bolenbaugh is standing in thigh deep freezing water in the Kalamazoo river just above the Ceresco Dam. He takes a rake and plunges it up and down in the muck at his feet. Gases in the muck are released in giant bubbles. And soon the river water is covered in the thick rainbow sheen of petroleum. ...

This specific area was identified by the EPA as an area of concern because of the lily pads filling in the area. But the EPA has said the area, along with the rest of the river, had been cleaned of oil. But Bolenbaugh, who worked for two months on the clean up, says the EPA, Enbridge Energy Partners and clean up contractors have failed in the job of removing an estimated one million gallons of oil from the river."

Todd A. Heywood reports for the Michigan Messenger November 8, 2010


"EPA Says It Will Fully Investigate Oil on Kalamazoo River, Denies Cover Up" (Michigan Messenger)


Source: Michigan Messenger, 11/09/2010