"EPA Delays Rule on Industrial Emissions"

"WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration has decided to delay a rule that would cut emissions from power plants at major industrial facilities, the most recent in a series of decisions since the midterm election to postpone controversial environmental regulations and steer a more business-friendly course.

The Environmental Protection Agency's decision Monday about the rule comes three days after President Obama announced plans to open more domestic territory to oil and gas drilling.

Since December, the administration has slowed review and implementation of several closely watched regulations, including two affecting the powerful coal industry: ash disposal and mountaintop-removal mining. Late last week, the agency said it would reconsider parts of a September 2010 rule to limit toxic emissions from cement plants that has been targeted by industry and members of Congress.

Business lobbies and congressional Republicans began battering Obama during the midterm election, asserting that new environmental regulations would kill jobs. It's unlikely that the decisions on drilling and the air pollution rule will win over critics, but they help the Obama team blunt criticism about overreaching regulatory efforts — a topic that could resonate with voters if the economy remains weak during next year's campaign."

Neela Banerjee reports for the Los Angeles Times May 16, 2011.


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Source: LA Times, 05/17/2011