"EPA Looks for Answers at Old Toxic Waste Dump"

"With reports of once-buried waste making its way to the surface, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is calling for a new study of health and safety concerns near a Louisville landfill that once was on the nation’s Superfund list of most toxic places."

"The EPA took the 112-acre Lees Lane landfill — tucked between the Riverside Gardens community and the Ohio River in western Louisville — off its Superfund list after a partial cleanup in the 1980s that it deemed sufficient to protect public health.

But with the new reports of waste cited in routine monitoring, a methane-gas collection system that hasn’t worked properly for years, continued health fears raised by landfill neighbors, and largely open access to the public, EPA officials have decided a new review is needed."

James Bruggers reports for the Louisville Courier-Journal June 24, 2012.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal, 06/26/2012