"EPA to Release Draft Greenhouse Gas Emission Limits for Heavy Trucks"

"The Obama administration is preparing to issue new fuel economy standards and the first-ever greenhouse gas limits for large trucks and buses.

U.S. EPA and the Transportation Department sent draft rules Friday to the White House regulatory review office that would limit heavy-duty vehicles' emissions under the Clean Air Act and boost fuel economy standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, according to a federal website that tracks new rules.

President Obama announced the latest initiative during a Rose Garden speech in May, where he directed officials at EPA and DOT to expand on a joint rulemaking finalized earlier this year for cars and light-duty trucks for model years 2012 through 2016. Obama issued a memorandum directing the agencies to expand the program to include medium- and heavy-duty trucks for model years 2014 through 2018."

Robin Bravender reports for Greenwire August 16, 2010.

Source: Greenwire, 08/17/2010