EPA Says Kettleman Landfill Improperly Stored PCBs

"FRESNO, Calif. -- A hazardous-waste landfill that Kettleman City residents blame for a rash of birth defects has improperly stored PCBs -- a cancer-causing chemical that can cause reproductive problems, federal inspectors say.

On Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency notified Waste Management that its landfill has violated disposal rules for PCBs, a toxin found in transformers and coolants.

Waste Management has 60 days to correct the problems or the EPA will stop sending PCBs to the landfill from its cleanup sites, and the company could face fines, the EPA said.

The violations could damage the company's ability to fight allegations by residents that its landfill is to blame for birth defects."

Barbara Anderson reports for the Fresno Bee/McClatchy April 8, 2010.

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Source: Fresno Bee, 04/13/2010