"Epic Rains Deluge Florida Panhandle & Parts of Alabama"

"Strong storms have been moving over the Southeast since this weekend, spawning tornadoes from Alabama to Arkansas. On Tuesday they trekked further east, spreading heavy rain across the Alabama coast and Florida Panhandle. Rainfall totals for many cities in those regions were so high that they were closer to hurricane totals than spring storms.

Mobile, Ala., received 11.24 inches of rain, its third highest daily rainfall total. Pensacola, Fla., set an all-time daily record with an estimated 15.55 inches of rain falling. And by Wednesday morning, some weather watchers were reporting much higher totals in the Pensacola metro area according to the Florida Climate Center. Both totals are more than double the average precipitation expected for the two cities for March and April combined."

Brian Kahn reports for Climate Central April 30, 2014.


"Extreme Rainfall Events Like Pensacola, Florida Storm On The Rise" (Climate Central)

Source: Climate Central, 05/02/2014