"Farley Mowat, Canadian Writer and Wildlife Advocate, Dies at 92"

"OTTAWA — Farley Mowat, one of Canada’s most popular and prolific writers, who became a champion of wildlife and native Canadian rights and a sharp critic of environmental abuse, died on Tuesday in Port Hope, Ontario, where he had lived for several years. He was 92.

His death was confirmed by several friends.

Mr. Mowat, instantly recognizable by his luxuriant beard and the kilts of which he was fond, wrote both novels and nonfiction for half a century, turning out 45 books and selling 17 million copies translated into 52 languages. He wrote with great range, from light, humorous fiction to historical accounts and dark tales of injustice, from children’s stories to tales of exploration, whale hunting and deep-sea salvaging."

Ian Austen reports for the New York Times May 7, 2014.


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Source: NY Times, 05/08/2014