FL Gov. Scott's Wildlife Appointee Committed Environmental Infractions

To fill a seat on the state wildlife commission, Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott passed over aspirants with relevant experience and credentials and appointed a paving contractor with a record of environmental infractions.

"Gov. Rick Scott faced a choice. He had to fill a seat on the state's wildlife commission, and 20 people had applied.

Two had previously served on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. A third was president of an influential sportsman's group. Among the rest were a vice president of the Florida Wildlife Federation, the operator of an animal-rescue group and a former Humane Society investigator.

Scott passed over those applicants to pick Charles W. 'Chuck' Roberts III, a Panhandle paving contractor whose company has on several occasions run afoul of state environmental regulations.

'He was selected because Governor Scott and his appointments staff felt he was the best qualified for the position,' explained Scott's press secretary, Lane Wright. "

Craig Pittman reports for the St. Petersburg Times Staff October 10, 2011.


Source: St. Petersburg Times, 10/11/2011