"Flooding Impairs Drinking Water Treatment For Kansas City, Missouri"

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Record flooding along the Missouri River has impaired treatment of drinking supplies in Kansas City, raising health risks for infants, the elderly and others with compromised immune systems, the municipal water service warned on Saturday.

The public health advisory came as utility crews struggled to replace broken pumps at a wastewater treatment plant submerged by floodwater about 30 miles upstream in Leavenworth, Kansas, an historic town of 35,000 on the river’s west bank.

The crest of the flood-swollen Missouri, America’s longest river, rolled through Leavenworth on Saturday. Miles of farmland and wooded areas along both banks were inundated in murky brown water. It was expected to reach Kansas City, Missouri, the state’s largest municipality, early on Sunday."

Karen Dillon reports for Reuters March 23, 2019.

Source: Reuters, 03/25/2019