"Florida Struggles to Overcome Threats to Freshwater Springs"

Florida's famous freshwater springs are in trouble. "The culprits, environmental experts say, are a recent drought in north-central Florida and decades of pumping groundwater out of the aquifer to meet the demands of Florida’s population boom, its sprinklers and its agricultural industry. To what degree the overconsumption of groundwater is to blame for the changes is being batted back and forth between environmentalists and the state’s water keepers. But, for the first time, a state with so much rain — the vast majority of it uncaptured — is beginning to seriously fret about water. "

Lizette Alvarez reports for the New York Times June 22, 2012.


"Everglades Restoration Is Progressing, But Water Is Still Lacking, Report Says" (McClatchy)

Source: NY Times, 06/25/2012