"Gone With The Wind: Storms Deepen Florida's Beach Sand Crunch"

"FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - Down the palm tree-lined roads of northeast Florida’s Flagler County, a half-dozen dump trucks are shuttling back and forth along the Atlantic coast pouring thousands of tons of sand onto the local beach.

Replacing sand swept away by waves and wind is critical work to protect seaside homes and businesses as well as the tourism dollars brought by northerners seeking refuge from the cold in the Sunshine State.

Getting enough of it, for the right price and in time for the peak tourist season, has become much harder after a violent storm year that brought Irma, the most powerful hurricane to hit the state in over a decade, and saddled Florida with more than $50 billion in damage."

Laila Kearney reports for Reuters February 16, 2018.


"Factbox: Sifting Through U.S. Beach Sand Numbers" (Reuters)

Source: Reuters, 02/20/2018