"Grizzly Shooting Pits Idahoans Against Uncle Sam"

"U.S. prosecutors charge a man who said he was protecting his family. State residents and officials are outraged."

Federal prosecutors charged Jeremy Hill, a backhoe operator trying to raise six kids, with shooting a grizzly bear 40 yards from the back door of his home in the Idaho woods. He faced a year in prison and a $50,000 fine. Then his daughter Jasmine went to sell her pig Regina at the Boundary County Fairgrounds 4-H auction, and the community kept buying the pig over and over again, raising $19,588 for her dad's legal defense. It tells you somthing about federal prosecutors, Idahoans' attitudes about grizzlies, and American communities. Some community. Some pig.

Kim Murphy reports for the Los Angeles Times September 13, 2011.


Source: LA Times, 09/13/2011