"Harvesting Fog Provides Drinking Water, Food to Peruvian Slums"

"In Lima, Peru, more than 1.3 million people have no access to drinking water. The citizens without it are in the poorest areas, where water trucked in can cost nine times as much as it does in richer areas. So, citizens have had to either make do without running water, or, with the help of a German NGO, make dew into drinking water.

The Telegraph reports on one slum in particular, Bellavista del Paraiso. With 200 residents in need of water, the mayor of the slum stated, "We are the very first to have fog-catchers in Lima's poor neighborhoods...We have five panels that are eight metres by four metres (26 feet by 13 feet)," perched on the mountaintop above, he explained. "With them we are able to collect up to 60 litres per night in wintertime." "

Jaymi Heimbuch reports for TreeHugger November 12, 2009, based on a story in the Telegraph.

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Source: TreeHugger, 11/13/2009