Hope for Survivors of Landslide Dims as Death Toll Rises as High As 24

"DARRINGTON, Wash. -- Brenda Neal was still at the firehouse at midnight, watching as rescuers caked with mud returned from the search for survivors of a massive landslide in rural Washington state.

But they had no answers for her about her missing husband, Steven.

There was despair on their faces, she said.
Rescuer: Houses exploded from the mud

Rescuers on Tuesday continued to battle debris and mud -- with the consistency of quicksand in some places -- in the search for survivors, but hopes dimmed as news broke that more bodies were found."

Ed Payne, Ana Cabrera, and Mariano Castillo report for CNN March 25, 2014.


"14 Dead, 176 Missing in Washington Landslide" (USA TODAY)

Source: CNN, 03/26/2014