How One Caribbean Fishing Village Is Adapting to Rising Seas

"SOUBISE, Grenada -- When Hurricane Ivan slammed into this small island almost a decade ago, Esley Sanderson leaped from inside his house to save his life."

"At 2 a.m., water started coming up his front doorstep. The house slid on its pillars and crumbled, so the fisherman hurriedly told his son 'Let's go' and dived into the road, twisting his foot. After hopping through rising waters to a church shelter, Sanderson huddled in the basement as his foot swelled and the roof peeled off. The next morning, his family could not find the spot where their house once stood amid smashed debris.

'Everything was gone. House gone. Boat gone. Stove gone. We had no water or clothes. We washed clothes in the river. It took us a long time to come out of it,' Sanderson recalled, sitting under a sign that read 'Jesus never fails' on the porch of his current house."

Christa Marshall rep;orts for ClimateWire December 23, 2013.

Source: ClimateWire, 12/24/2013