"How Russia Is Weaponizing The Ukrainian Winter"

"IZIUM, Ukraine — The gas line was punctured by shrapnel. Plastic sheets now hang where the windows were. A single electric heat lamp is all there is to keep the home from freezing.

Halyna Zahorodnikh, who is 71, wears layers of fleece in the apartment to stay warm.

She is one of millions of Ukrainians facing a winter that's essentially being weaponized against them.

Russia's systematic and repeated attacks on Ukraine's energy and heating infrastructure — the latest of which involved the heaviest missile strikes in a nearly nine-month war — have led to regular power outages in some of the country's largest cities. "

Nathan Rott, Claire Harbage, and Hanna Palamarenko report for NPR November 20, 2022.

Source: NPR, 11/21/2022