A Hurricane Brews After Silent First Half to the Atlantic Storm Season

"There’s been a lot of excellent analysis of the mysterious storm-free first half of this year’s hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean and, more generally, tropical weather trends in the context of human-driven global warming. So rather than add to it, I’ll direct you to some highlights. This is how networked knowledge works."

"First, the news. Brian McNoldy, who studies tropical storms at the University of Miami and now is part of the excellent Washington Post Capital Weather Gang blog, is tracking a tropical storm that is likely to become Hurricane Humberto by the end of the day, ending this season’s “drought.” Read the details in “Tropical Atlantic wakes up on peak day of hurricane season.”

The blogging meteorologist Jeff Masters has an excellent piece posted on the rarity of a hurricane-free first half to an Atlantic tropical storm season, with lots more on Humberto (which is nowhere near any land at the moment)."

Andrew C. Revkin reports for Dot Earth via the New York Times September 10, 2013.


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Source: Dot Earth, 09/11/2013