"Investigators Dig Through Fertilizer Facility Rubble for Answers"

"ATHENS, TX -- Investigators spent all day Sunday sifting through the remains of an Athens Fertilizer Storage Facility that burned down Thursday. The fire broke out just before 6 o'clock Thursday night at the East Texas Ag Supply Storage building on Larkin Street. Fire officials said they always investigate this type of incident as suspicious. Investigators said they still don't know what caused the fire, but said they won't stop until they've found all of the answers.

The scene team, comprised of three different departments including ATF, State Fire Marshal, and Cit of Athens, spent the day digging through the debris. They looked for answers buried beneath the rubble.

“They’re looking for anything that could be any cause of the fire,” Assistant State Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner said.

A 4,000 square foot building with just five employees, he said, was a relatively small fertilizer storage facility. It housed ammonium nitrate and other components of fertilizer."

Summer Dashe reports for KLTV June 1, 2014.

Source: KLTV, 06/02/2014