"Jackson’s Sewer Dumped 44.7 Million Gallons Of Waste Into The Environment"

"JACKSON, Miss. - Nearly 45 million gallons of untreated wastewater was released into the environment in a four-month period due to Jackson’s sewer failures, according to the latest quarterly report the city submitted to the EPA.

The report covers the period from December 1 through March 21. Jackson must submit regular reports to the federal regulatory agency as part of its sewer consent decree. It was submitted on April 30.

During the reporting period, 259 sewer overflows were reported in the capital city, which released more than 44.7 million gallons of sewage into the environment.

An estimated 33.9 million gallons went into waters classified as “Waters of the U.S.” Under terms of its sewer decree, the city is fined for each SSO that reaches one of those waters."

Anthony Warren reports for WBLT May 10, 2022.

Source: WBLT, 05/13/2022