"Katia Is New Atlantic Storm, Not Clear If Threat To U.S."

"The U.S. East Coast is mopping up after Hurricane Irene's weekend battering that killed around 40 people and authorities and residents are looking out anxiously over the Atlantic and asking: Is another one coming?

Tropical Storm Katia is jogging west at a brisk 18 miles per hour (30 km per hour) and the U.S. National Hurricane Center says it is expected to become a hurricane by late Wednesday or early Thursday.

But beyond predicting Katia will be a major hurricane northeast of the Caribbean's northern Leeward Islands by Sunday, the Miami-based center says it is not possible now to predict its path with certainty, or say whether it will threaten the U.S. East Coast."

Pascal Fletcher reports for Reuters August 31, 2011.


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Source: Reuters, 08/31/2011