"Kids Put at Risk for Lead Poisoning as Programs Cut"

"Budget cuts, expired grants and shifted priorities have decimated [Detroit's] response to child lead poisoning. Detroit has some of the highest child lead poisoning levels among all large U.S. cities."

"Light struggles to shine the through windows of the dark attic where Heidi Peterson and her 18-month-old daughter, Sarah, now make their life.

A TV playing cartoons, and the high chair from which Sarah watches them, are two of just a few pieces of furniture in what has become their living space.

They have cornered themselves here, in their otherwise large old home on Edison Street, because health inspectors say it is one area that tests free of lead. But even that is not a solution. Cooking means going downstairs. Coming and going from the house means passing through invisible dangers."

Keith Matheny reports for the Detroit Free Press April 28, 2013.

Source: Detroit Free Press, 04/29/2013