"Koalas To Be Listed as Threatened Amid Rapid Decline"

"Koalas are expected to be listed as a threatened species across parts of Australia from Monday, and some environment groups claim the government has excluded the marsupial from protection in certain areas due to mining interests."

"Research conducted near Gunnedah, which is promoted as the ''koala capital of the world'', show numbers for the animal there have declined by 75 per cent since 1993, yet koalas in the area are not expected to be granted extra protection.

The Environment Minister, Tony Burke, said his decisions about the animal's status were based on advice from the national Threatened Species Scientific Committee. A decision originally slated for mid-February was deferred until April 30."

Ben Cubby reports for the Sydney Morning Herald April 27, 2012.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, 04/27/2012