"Lawmakers Propose Boost To Clean Energy Exports"

"A group of Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday proposed legislation to promote U.S. exports of clean energy technology, which they said are badly lagging behind those of China and Europe.

"The U.S. must be the leader in manufacturing and exporting clean technologies, not one that becomes dependent on foreign energy products," U.S. Representative Doris Matsui, a California Democrat, said in a statement.

Clean energy comes from renewable natural resources, such as sunlight, wind and geothermal heat.

The U.S. Department of Energy has estimated U.S. exports of clean energy technology, also known as green technology, could reach $40 billion per year and help create more than 750,000 jobs by 2020, the lawmakers said."

Doug Palmer reports for Reuters April 28, 2010.

Source: Reuters, 04/28/2010