At Least 8 Injured in Florida Gas Plant Explosion, Fire

"Roads near a gas plant in Lake County were littered with twisted pieces of propane canisters early Tuesday, hours after explosions that injured at least eight people and forced the evacuation of residents up to a mile away."

"Just before 7 a.m., Tavares Fire Chief Richard Keith told reporters on the scene that, 'we don't think there was any act of sabotage or anything like that.'

Instead, 'It was probably a human or equipment error,' he said.

Keith said the fire at the Blue Rhino plant is out, and he promised reporters access to the facility this morning. All of the injured were employees, he said.

He said the plant takes old propane cylinders, cleans them, refurbishes them, fills them and sells them. They pack them up on palettes for shipping."

Lauren Ritchie, Susan Jacobson, and Amy Pavuk report for the Orlando Sentinel July 30, 2013.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, 07/30/2013