"LG&E To Replace Cane Run Plant Eight Months Early"

"Running out of room to dump coal waste and facing thousands of dollars in fines over blowing ash, Louisville Gas and Electric Co. on Monday said it plans to shut down its Cane Run power plant in May 2015, eight months earlier than expected, to replace it with a natural-gas fired plant."

"Company officials said they were able to accelerate the schedule because permits came through faster than expected.

'Having received timely certificates and permits from the Kentucky Public Service Commission and other regulatory agencies, we were able to get a quick start on the project and now should be able to retire the coal-fired units sooner than expected,' said Paul W. Thompson, senior vice president of Energy Services, in a written statement."

James Bruggers reports for the Louisville Courier-Journal October 15, 2012.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal, 10/17/2012