"'Lost World' of Australian Rainforest Yields Up Three New Species"

"Scientists have discovered three new species of animals in a rainforest 'lost world' in Australia, protected for millions of years by almost impenetrable stacks of granite boulders."

"The new animals are a leaf-tail gecko, a golden-colored skink and a boulder-dwelling frog living in the unique rocky rainforest in Cape Melville, some 1,500 km (900 miles) north west of Brisbane, Australia's third most populous city.

'They just look completely distinct, so as soon as you see them you think 'Wow, that thing is definitely new',' Conrad Hoskin of James Cook University, who led the expedition with the U.S. National Geographic Society, told Reuters by telephone.

The Melville range is rugged and precipitous, and almost unreachable as millions of granite boulders the size of 'cars and houses' are piled hundreds of meters high, with a boulder-strewn rainforest on its plateau."

Thuy Ong reports for Reuters October 30, 2013.

Source: Reuters, 10/30/2013