"Low-Lying Louisiana Prepares for Sea Level To Rise"

"NEW ORLEANS -- A scientific report issued by Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration predicts that the Louisiana coast could see about 3 feet of sea level rise along the already low and vulnerable Louisiana coast by 2100 -- a prediction that leaves this Cajun coast drowning and under siege from storm surge for decades to come."

"The forecast is part of a new report from a science panel of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, the state's governing body over the coastal zone, meant to guide future planning. The report builds on progress made since Hurricane Katrina to improve the state's ability to manage its coastal crisis. Louisiana has lost about 1,900 square miles of land since the 1930s and continues to lose about 25 square miles a year.

Based on current global sea-level rise models, deltaic sinking and other regional factors, the report warns that Louisiana is "particularly sensitive to sea-level rise due to the unique geology" of this delta state.

The new report estimates that on average the coast will face a 3-foot increase in sea-level rise over the next century, with some places seeing as much as 4 feet or more."

Cain Burdeau reports for the Associated Press February 7, 2012.

Source: AP, 02/08/2012