"Mexico Sees Support For U.N. Climate Finance Plan"

"BONN - A Mexican proposal to raise billions of dollars to fight climate change is winning backing in talks on a new U.N. treaty, paradoxically because no one really likes it, a Mexican official said on Wednesday.

'It has something for everyone, although everyone will dislike part of it. That's the beauty of the proposal,' Fernando Tudela, Undersecretary of Planning and Environmental Policy, told Reuters on Wednesday.

'It could be an area of consensus because nobody likes 100 percent of it,' he said on the sidelines of June 1-12 U.N. climate talks in Bonn working on a new U.N. climate treaty due to be agreed in Copenhagen in December."

Alister Doyle reports for Reuters June 4, 2009.

Source: Reuters, 06/04/2009