"NASA Puts The Kybosh On Solar Flare Hype…For Now"

"Meanwhile, up in space, a class X solar flare event has triggered the biggest solar storm in four years, which given its large size – had the potential to disrupt ground communications back here on Earth.

But for all you doomsayers and Y2K disciples banging on about the end of the world – you're out of luck this time – again! The storm, much to the disappointment of various media publications around the world, has failed to make much of a dent here on earth and very few (if any) reports have surfaced due to the flare. NASA was quick to jump on speculation that this could be the solar version of Katrina and called the flare 'weak' – which is one way I've never thought of describing anything sun-related.

Sure, solar flare disruptions can play havoc with airline communications and navigation instruments – but in reality, most of the time, these kind of events pass by routinely and without too much cause for worry. Not that you would have known this from the world's mainstream media...."

Daniel Long reports for Gizmodo February 21, 2011.


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Source: Gizmodo, 02/23/2011