New Disposal Rules Could Mean Less Oil Waste Buried in N. Dakota Land

"TIOGA - Brenda and Richard Jorgenson have a long list of reasons why they dislike and fear the reserve pit from an oil well buried on their land, located a half-mile from their house. They say it reeked of chemicals when it was being filled with diesel-saturated mud, rock cuttings and fluids left over from drilling last year."

"It might be out of sight since it was covered this summer, but it's not out of mind.

It's 15 feet above a shallow drinking water source and upland of a waterfowl production area. The Jorgensons don't know exactly what's in it because it's never been tested, though a sample was taken after Brenda Jorgenson called everyone from the governor's office to state inspectors."

Lauren Donovan reports for the Bismarck Tribune September 17, 2011.

Source: Bismark Tribune, 09/19/2011