"Nutrient Levels High in Bodies of Water At U. of Florida"

"For many, Lake Alice is one of the more scenic spots on the University of Florida campus, with students studying, picnicking and eyeing alligators in its waters or on its shores. Some people have even been known to sprinkle their loved ones' ashes in the lake.

But the lake is one of many water bodies on campus that would be considered impaired under new limits on nutrients proposed earlier this month by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous can cause algal blooms that can be deadly for fish and hazardous to humans.

In fact, not a single water body on campus that has been monitored regularly over the past few years would meet the proposed limits, according to a review of campus water quality records. Some nutrient levels are more than 20 times the proposed limits."

Thomas Stewart reports for the Gainesville Sun January 29, 2010.

Source: Gainesville Sun, 02/01/2010