Olympic Athletes and Public Warned of London's Bad 'Summer Smog'

"Athletes completing their final pre-Olympics training, and members of the public gathering in London for the final stages of the Olympic torchrelay, have been warned of high levels of pollution in the UK capital on Thursday, ahead of the opening ceremony on Friday night."

"The smog warning follows a few days of sunshine, which has intensified the impact of pollutants such as ground level ozone and nitrogen oxides, from traffic fumes.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs issued the warning as the level of pollutants reached high levels on Wednesday and Thursday, and were likely to continue for at least 24 hours. Officials reassured the public that most people would be unaffected, but the very old and young, and those who already suffer from breathing difficulties, heart or lung problems or asthma could be at risk. Athletes can be particularly vulnerable, however, as they take in much more air during sport than other people. Some other parts of England and Wales were also warned, but pollution levels are likely to be highest in London.

There had been warnings that the first days of the Olympic games could coincide with hot sunny weather that would worsen pollution."
Fiona Harvey reports for the Guardian July 26, 2012.


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Source: Guardian, 07/27/2012