"Open Season On Spain's King After Luxe Hunting Trip"

"For a man used to pomp and paparazzi, King Juan Carlos of Spain looked shaken, emerging from a hospital in Madrid Wednesday after hip surgery. 'I'm very sorry,' he said, blinking into the cameras, sheepish, and leaning on his crutches. 'I made a mistake, and it won't happen again.'"

"As Spaniards grapple with severe austerity measures and 24 percent unemployment, their king is dealing with a different kind of pain — extreme embarrassment over public outrage upon his return from an elephant hunt in Africa that cost nearly $60,000, or more than twice the average salary in Spain.

And the Spanish public only found out about the trip because he broke his hip — hence the recent surgery — and had to be airlifted home."

Lauren Frayer reports for NPR's Morning Edition April 20, 2012

Source: NPR, 04/20/2012