"Over 90 Missing In Australia As Floods Inundate Brisbane"

"Thousands of residents of Australia's third-largest city evacuated homes on Wednesday as massive floods threatened to inundate the financial district, sparked panic buying of food and left authorities despairing for more than 90 people missing.

The biggest floods in decades have so far killed 14 people since starting their devastating march across the northern mining state of Queensland last month, crippling the coking coal industry, destroying infrastructure, sending the local currency to four-week lows and threatening to put a brake on the economy.

With a flood surge expected to peak in the Queensland capital of Brisbane, a city of two million, Thursday, search and rescue crews took advantage of rare sunshine Wednesday to look for those still missing from tsunami-like flash floods that tore through townships west of the city this week."

Rob Taylor reports for Reuters January 12, 2011.


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Source: Reuters, 01/12/2011