"Peru: Where Have All the Anchovies Gone?"

"The Peruvian anchovy is the world's most heavily exploited fish. Now Peru's government is trying to reduce overfishing of the popular little forager."

"LIMA, Peru -- Growing to about 5 inches on average, the Peruvian anchovy might seem an unlikely candidate for the title of the world’s mightiest fish.

Yet thriving in the Humboldt Current, the plankton-rich upwelling of Antarctic waters off South America’s Pacific coast, this diminutive, bright-silver forager gathers in vast shoals that have become the fishing industry's easiest pickings.

According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, the Peruvian anchovy is “the most heavily exploited fish in world history,” with annual catches in Chile and Peru sometimes totaling more than 9 million tons, two or three times the United States' catch of all fish species."

Simeon Tegel reports for the Global Post April 14, 2013.

Source: Global Post, 04/15/2013