"Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit Opens in Brazil"

"RIO de JANEIRO -- President Dilma Rousseff today opened Rio +20, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, at Brazil's giant pavilion in Athletes Park opposite Riocentro, the main seat of the conference meetings."

"President Rousseff urged compromise among all countries of the world to achieve sustainable development goals, especially the developed nations facing economic crises.

'We do not consider that respect for the environment only occurs in the expansion phase of the cycle. Rather, a pro-growth position, to preserve and maintain, is intrinsic to the design of development, particularly in the face of crisis,' said Rousseff.

'The environment is not a prop,' she said. 'It is part of the vision.' "

Environment News Service had the story June 13, 2012,


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Source: ENS, 06/14/2012