"Sandy Exposes a Coast at Risk"

"Superstorm Sandy delivered only a glancing blow to Delaware, but it brought new focus on man’s attempts to manage nature, to hold back the sea."

"It also spurred calls to armor the Indian River Inlet Bridge that ties together seacoast communities forming the backbone of the state’s tourism industry.

And it made clear that some manmade dunes along Delaware Bay may be beyond repair – meaning more flooding for homeowners, more crop-killing salt water inundating farm fields a mile or more from the bay and reducing the likelihood that a federal impoundment will be repaired to once again create freshwater habitat for migrating geese and ducks, as demanded by Kent County hunters."

Jeff Montgomery and Molly Murray report for the Wilmington News Journal November 4, 2012.


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Source: Wilmington News Journal, 11/05/2012