Sen. Bill Nelson Calls Miami Beach Ground Zero for Sea Level Rise

"Miami Beach became ground zero for climate change Tuesday when U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson convened a rare field hearing to draw national attention to the dangers posed by rising seas.

'For those who deny sea level rise and climate change, here is the proof,' Nelson said halfway through the two-hour hearing at Miami Beach City Hall, and one of several times he pointedly called out colleagues in Congress who deny that climate change is occurring.

A half-dozen witnesses, including a NASA scientist, a mayor and a county commissioner, forecast a dire future with a three-foot rise in seas by the beginning of the next century. At that rate, large swaths of Florida’s coast would be inundated, with billions of dollars in damage, even as climate change fuels more severe hurricanes. But the panel also offered hope, saying there’s still plenty of time to plan."

Jenny Staletovich reports for the Miami Herald April 22, 2014.


"Florida Senator Holds Miami Beach Hearing on Rising Sea Level" (Reuters)

Source: Miami Herald, 04/24/2014