Soil in West El Paso Neighborhood Near Former Asarco Site Contaminated

"Unhealthful levels of lead, arsenic and mercury were detected for the first time in several soil samples of the Calavera neighborhood in West El Paso, according to a recent remedial investigation report prepared for the Asarco Custodial Trust."

"Roberto Puga, the Asarco custodial trustee in charge of cleaning up the former lead and copper smelter property, said Calavera neighbors have not been notified of the findings, and that there probably will be a public meeting at that neighborhood to discuss the findings and future remediation efforts.

Puga said 'The Final Supplemental Remedial Investigation Report' prepared by Malcolm Pirnie Inc., an environmental engineering consultant, is still under review."

Diana Washington Valdez reports for the El Paso Times December 29, 2013.


Source: El Paso Times, 12/30/2013