"Study: Pollution Rules Will Create Jobs, Push Up Rates"

"Proposed rules governing air pollution generated by the nation's power providers could cost the industry nearly $200 billion in upgrades and new, cleaner generation but provide four to eight times that amount in economic benefits, with Tennessee being one of the big winners, according to a recent study.

Utilities, including TVA, are bracing for the new regulations, set to be released later this year by the Environmental Protection Agency. They include what's known as the Clean Air Transport Rule, aimed at reducing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions in 31 states, and a new rule known as Utility MACT - for maximum achievable control technology - to limit hazardous air pollutants including mercury, arsenic, lead and hydrochloric acid associated with coal-burning plants.

What may simply look like an added expense for utilities to shoulder actually should be an economic boon, says James Heintz, associate research professor at the University of Massachusetts' Political Economy Research Institute and co-author of 'Green Recovery-A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy.'

The expected investment should generate 1.46 million U.S. jobs by 2015, when the new regulations should have their biggest impact."

Larisa Brass reports for the Knoxville News Sentinel March 7, 2011.


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Source: Knoxville News Sentinel, 03/07/2011